Terms & Conditions


1. Terms and Conditions of Use of this Website

1.1. www.zigleather.com is an online portal owned and operated by ZIG CONCEPT S.R.L., a company registered in Romania, with the registered office in Bucharest, 92, Ion Mihalache Blvd., block 44A2, entrance C, apt. 121, 1st District, registered with the Trade Register under J40 / 4291/2016, sole registration code 35846461.

1.2. We can be contacted at the telephone numbers 0741 065 066/0724 511 289, e-mail address: office@zigleather.com.

2. Definitions

2.1. The “Website”, “Platform” terms are understood as the www.zigleather.com domain and the sub-domains thereof, owned by ZIG CONCEPT S.R.L., as well as the Services provided by ZIG CONCEPT S.R.L. via the www.zigleather.com website;

2.2. The “We”, “Seller” or “Company” terms are understood as SC ZIG CONCEPT S.R.L.

2.3. By “User”, we understand any individual or legal entity accessing, browsing or interacting in any way with the Website.

2.4. By “Goods and Services”, we understand any product or service, including the documents and services mentioned in the Order, to be provided by the Seller to the Buyer as a consequence of the concluded Contract.

2.5. By the “Buyer” or “Customer” terms, we understand any individual or legal entity placing an Order via the Website and having or obtaining access to the Content by any means of communication or in virtue of an existing agreement of use between ZIG CONCEPT S.R.L. and the former, requiring the creation and use of an Account.

2.6. By “Order”, we understand an electronic document acting as a form of communication between the Seller and the Buyer, by means whereof the Buyer sends to the Seller, via the Website, the intention thereof to purchase Goods and Services on the Website.

2.7. By “Transaction”, we understand the collection or reimbursement of an amount resulting from the sale of a Good and / or Service by the Seller to the Buyer, by the use of the available payment services.

2.8. The “Contract”, “Terms and Conditions” terms are used to define this webpage containing the terms and conditions of access, browse and interaction of any kind with the Website, accessing the Goods and Services via the Website.

3. User Acceptance Agreement

3.1. This agreement envisages the Platform, respectively the content and the Goods and Services thereby provided.

3.2. By accessing, browsing and / or using the Website, you acknowledge that you have read, understood and you agree with these Terms and Conditions of use and you undertake to comply with the contractual and legal obligations deriving from these Terms and Conditions. The Terms and Conditions of Use of the Website represent a contract between the Company and you, as a User, governing the conditions of use based whereon you shall benefit from Goods and Services. If you do not agree with these Terms and Conditions, you should stop accessing, browsing and using the Website and the Services in any way.

3.3. The Terms and Conditions can be subject to amendments from time to time. The Terms and Conditions thus amended shall be displayed on this page. Therefore, we recommend you to frequently visit this page, because the changes are applicable to you as of display, and continuing to access, browse, use of the Website services and interacting with the Website in any way after the display thereof represents your acceptance of use of the Website with the application of the new Terms and Conditions.

3.4. By accessing, browsing the Website and interacting with the Website in any way, you agree to and undertake to comply with these Terms and Conditions and warrant that you have the legal capacity to accept the Terms and Conditions on your own behalf and / or on behalf of the person that you represent related to the use of the Website.

3.5. Creating and administering an account on the Website, when the Website allows this, shall also be made in full observance of the provisions deriving from these Terms and Conditions.


4. Online Sale Policy

4.1. The Seller may post on the Website information about the Goods and / or Services and / or promotions thereby run over a certain period of time and within the limit of the available stock.

4.2. All the pieces of information and photos used to describe the Goods and / or Services available on the Website do not represent a contractual obligation of the Seller, these being used exclusively for presentation purposes and they may be different from the custom made ones (small differences in finishes, shades or assembly blanks).

4.3. All the prices of the goods presented on the Website are expressed in RON and are VAT inclusive. The prices of the goods do not include delivery charges, unless this is expressly specified on the Website. The total purchase price is made up of the price of the product, plus transportation costs and it is the one upon the order completion. The customer is bound to pay the purchase price for the transaction to be made.

4.4. Access in order to place an Order is allowed to any User / Buyer.

4.5. By placing an Order on the Website, the User / Buyer agrees with the communication form (by telephone or e-mail) by which the Seller performs the commercial operations thereof.

4.6. The communication with the Seller shall be made by telephone or e-mail, the Seller's contact data being available on the Website. The Seller has the freedom to manage the received information without having to present justifications therefor.

4.7. For justified reasons, the Seller reserves its right to restrict the User’s / Buyer's access in order to place an Order and / or to some of the accepted payment methods, if it considers that, based on the User’s / Buyer’s conduct or activity on the Website, they could be detrimental to the Seller in any way. Upon the User’s / Buyer's request, the Seller shall inform them about the reasons which have led to the application of the aforementioned measures.

5. Launch of an Order

5.1. The Buyer can place Orders on the Website by adding the wished Goods and / or Services to the shopping cart, and then completing the Order by making the payment by one of the available methods. Once added to the shopping cart, a Good and / or a Service is available for purchase, to the extent there is a stock available for it. Adding a Good / Service to your shopping cart, in the absence of the completion of the Order, does not entail the registration of an order, implicitly nor the automatic reservation of the Good / Service.

5.2. By completing the Order, the Buyer consents that all of the data provided by the Buyer, which are necessary for the purchase process, are correct, complete and truthful upon the Order placement. The Buyer also agrees that the Seller may contact them, by e-mail or telephone, in any situation where contacting the Buyer is required.

5.3. The Seller may cancel Buyer's Order, following a prior notification addressed to the Buyer without any further obligation of either party towards the other or without any party being able to claim to the other liquidated damages in the following cases:

5.3.1. Invalidation of the transaction by the card processor agreed by the Seller, in the case of the online payment;

5.3.2. Non-acceptance of the transaction by the issuing bank of the Buyer's card, in the case of the online payment;

5.3.3. The data provided by the Customer / Buyer on the Website are incomplete and / or incorrect.

6. Prices and Payment Methods

6.1. The prices of the Goods and / or Services displayed on the www.zigleather.com website are VAT inclusive, according to the applicable legislation.

6.2. The price, payment method and payment term are specified in each Order. The Seller shall issue to the Buyer an invoice for the delivered Goods and / or Services, the Buyer's obligation being that of providing all the pieces of information required for the issue of the invoice, in compliance with the applicable legislation.

6.3. For the correctness of the data, the Buyer is bound to update the data in their Account whenever applicable and to access the information and documents afferent to each Order, existing in the Account.

6.4. The accepted payment methods for the payment of the ordered Goods and / or Services are:

6.4.1. Payment Refund - upon the receipt of the package, the Buyer shall pay the price of the purchased goods in cash to the courier from the carrier company, from which they shall receive a cash receipt document, issued by the courier company, which should be kept as evidence of the payment. This document is necessary to the Buyer in case they want to exchange / replace the product or to return it and get the money refund;

6.4.2. Bank card payment - is made online, upon the order placement. Any credit or debit card issued under one of the following logos: Visa, Mastercard (Maestro included), Discover, American Express, JCB, Wright Express, Carte Blanche & Diner's Club.

6.5. The data of the Customer’s / Buyer’s payment card shall not be available to the Seller, nor shall they be stored by the Seller or by the payment processor integrated in the Website, but only by the Transaction authorization authority or another entity authorized to provide card identification data storage services, about the identity whereof the Customer / Buyer shall be informed before entering the data.

6.6. In the case of online payments, the Seller is not / cannot be held liable for any additional cost incurred by the Buyer, including, but without limitation to currency conversion fees applied by the bank issuing the card thereof. If its issuing currency thereof differs from RON, solely the buyer bears responsibility for this action.

7. Delivery of the Goods

7.1. The Seller undertakes to deliver the Goods in a courier system to the Buyer, via the express courier company with which the Seller has a collaboration agreement signed.

7.2. The Seller shall provide the proper packaging of the Goods and shall ensure the transmission of the accompanying documents.

7.3. The Seller shall perform the delivery of the Goods and Services both on the territory of Romania and abroad.

8. Warranty

8.1. All Goods sold by Seller benefit from warranty conditions in compliance with applicable law. The goods are new, in their original packaging and come from sources licensed by each manufacturer. The goods benefit from warranty against defects for a period of 30 days as of the handover of the good.

8.2. Cases of loss of the warranty due the Customer’s / Buyer's fault and / or the manner of use of the product:

8.2.1. Non-compliance with the indications on the maintenance labels attached to the product;

8.2.2. Breakage of the product, the product getting caught on any hard and / or sharp object;

8.2.3. Damage by mechanic friction of the material against rough materials.

8.3. Upon the request of the warranty, it is necessary to present the defective product in the original packaging, together with the related accessories, a copy of the order receipt and the payment evidence. In case the products arrive not accompanied by these documents, the products can be returned to the applicant / sender without the warranty thereof being solved.

9. Intellectual Property

9.1. The ZIG Leather Logo, the Website and the contents thereof, including, but without limitation the text, names, data, compilations, graphs, logos, buttons, icons, images, techniques, models, video and audio files are the property of the Company and are protected by copyright.

9.2. The Customer / Buyer is not allowed to use the illustrations, logos, photographs, video or audio files or any other elements separate from the form in which they are on the Website, including separately from the accompanying text. Every time, the Company's capacity of owner of the copyright or owner of this content should be recognized and expressly specified to any third parties coming in contact with the respective content.

9.3. In order to obtain permission for any use other than those allowed in this section, we are asking you to contact the Company in writing at the e-mail address in item 1.2 above.


10. Collaboration with Third Companies and Promotion on the Website

10.1. The company may run advertising campaigns on the Website. The Company is not liable for the messages and actions resulting from the advertising messages, the liability devolving upon the Users and the companies the advertisements whereof are presented.

10.2. By accepting the Terms and Conditions, you agree that the Services provided by the Company may contain advertisements, special offers or customized messages, according to the PERSONAL DATA PROTECTION POLICY.


11. Liability of Company towards the Users. Limitation of Liability

11.1. To the extent allowed by law, we exclude all warranties, representations and liability, either express or implied, which may be attributable to the Company in respect of the Services and the Website and the use thereof. The Company does not guarantee that the Services provided via the Website shall meet the Users’ expectations or that they shall find on the Website offers acceptable for them from the Providers and does not guarantee the conclusion of the electric power supply agreement, even if the Users opt for one of the offers proposed by the Providers on the Website. No advice, opinion or information, oral or written, obtained by the Users from the Company or by the use of the Services or via the Website, is a guarantee from the Company.

11.2. Due to the difficulty in testing the Users’ identity on the Internet, the Company cannot confirm that each User is who they claim to be, which is why we cannot be liable or involved in any dispute over the information that each User uploads to the Website or that they provide in any other way.

11.3. The content of the Website generated by the Company may contain errors or inaccuracies. We cannot guarantee that this content shall be error-free. At the same time, the content on the Website generated by the Company may be outdated. While we strive to keep the content of the Website updated, we cannot guarantee that this content shall always be updated and / or kept to date.

11.4. The Company does not undertake liability for the operating system used by the Users / Buyers and the operation thereof, or for any events preventing the User from using the Website, including from placing an order (e.g. accidental shutdown of the browser, failure of the connection to network), [being possible for any connection problems to affect the completion of the order.]

11.5. The Company is entitled (but not bound) to filter and censor the content of the Website, at the sole discretion thereof. Furthermore, the is entitled (but not bound), at the sole discretion thereof, to filter, transfer or delete any information available on the Website that is not compliant with these Terms and Conditions or is at risk of breaching the applicable legal provisions or which can be considered by the Company to be unacceptable for other causes.

11.6. While we strive to provide the security of the Website, we cannot guarantee that there are no breached of this security. The Company is not liable for potential damages to the Users caused by browsing the Website.

11.7. For the delivery of the order to the Buyer, the courier company, with which the Seller has a collaboration agreement concluded, is solely liable for the delivery thereof. We are not liable for the loss, destruction, deterioration, non –delivery or the wrong delivery of a shipment or a part thereof, and we do not take liability for any direct or indirect loss that may result from the non-delivery or the delayed delivery thereof.

11.8. Because we do not get involved and cannot be involved in the relationships between Users or between Users and Providers, or between any of them and the courier company delivering documents, if you have a dispute / litigation with one or several Users and / or Providers and / or the courier company, you agree to exonerate the Company and any agents, consultants, legal representatives, employees, collaborators thereof and to indemnify it/them for any claims or claims and / or damages of any nature, known and unknown, suspected, disclosed or undisclosed, current or future, thereby suffered and resulting from or in any way related to such disputes / litigations.

11.9. The Users understand and agree that ZIG CONCEPT S.R.L. cannot be held liable for direct or indirect loss of revenue, the loss of data, for any other direct or indirect financial loss resulting from:

11.9.1. The use, including misuse of the Website or the provided Services;

11.9.2. Impossibility of use of the Website;

11.9.3. Use of the content of the Website, in particular relying on the content of the Website for decisions;

11.9.4. virus attacks, DoS-type cybernetic attacks (“denial of service”) or the attack by and via other technologically damaging materials that may affect your work equipment, computer programs, data or any other material due to the use of the Website or the download of the content on the Website or derived from a link that the Website makes reference to;

11.9.5. Unauthorized access to or alteration of the data transmission;

11.9.6. Any other cause related to Goods and / or Services.


12. Personal Data Protection Policy

12.1. The purpose of this section is that of describing the manner in which the Company collects, processes and transfers the Users’ personal data.

12.2. ZIG CONCEPT S.R.L. is entered in the register of personal data processors under no. [●].

12.3. The data made available via the Website and the confidentiality thereof are very important for us. We shall take firm steps to ensure the security of the processed personal data. The security measures aim to protect data against loss, abuse, unauthorized access, disclosure, dissemination or transmission in any other way, and against the alteration or destruction thereof.

12.4. We collect the following data for the purpose of providing the Services: first and last name, e-mail address, telephone number and address. [For payment processing, the following data can be collected and processed: data associated to the bank card (number, type), bank account. The collection and processing of these data shall be made directly by [●]

12.5. When Users contact our support teams by e-mail or telephone, we reserve the right to collect and process the respective conversations / correspondences, which we shall exclusively use to improve the quality of support services.

12.6. We reserve the right to amend, update, supplement the User identification method. Thus, if we decide to implement a more rigorous system for the identification of the Users, including by the creation of User accounts, the manner of request and the level of information required to identify and / or create the User accounts shall be more rigorous or more advanced. For the avoidance of any doubt, implementing a more rigorous system for the identification and certification of the Users is a discretionary right of the Company, and not an obligation.

12.7. The Website uses cookies. Cookies are small text files that a website saves on your computer or mobile device when the Website is visited. Cookies allow the website to retain the visitor's actions and preferences (such as language, font size, etc.). Website browsing and the use of the services provided via the Website represent the User's consent to the use of cookies. Nevertheless, Users can set their browser to reject cookies. Disabling and refusing to receive cookies can make certain sections / pages inaccessible or difficult to visit and use. More information on cookies can be found at www.allaboutcookies.org.

12.8. According to Law no. 677/2001 for the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data and the free circulation of such data, the Users benefit from the right of access, intervention over the, the right not to be subject to an individual decision (withdrawal, cancellation or reevaluation of a decision adopted exclusively based on a processing personal data) and the right to appeal to the law courts. At the same time, the Users have the right to oppose the processing of the personal data thereof and to request the deletion of the data. It is important to remember that deleting the data may lead to the impossibility of providing all or part of the services provided by the Company to you. For the exercise of these rights, the Users may address the Company by a written, dated and signed request, sent to the address indicated in item 1.1.

13. Force Majeure

13.1. In the case of a force majeure event, neither the Customer / Buyer nor the Seller shall be liable for non-fulfillment in due time and / or the inappropriate, total or partial fulfillment, of any of the obligations.

13.2. The party invoking the force majeure event should immediately notify the other party about the occurrence thereof, take action to limit the consequences and provide evidence of the impossibility of fulfillment of the obligations within 30 days of the occurrence of the event, in order to be exonerated from the obligations thereof.

13.3. If, within 15 days of the occurrence date thereof, the respective event does not cease, each party shall be entitled notify to the other party the rightful termination of any obligation, without either of them being able to claim liquidated damages to the other.

14. General Aspects

14.1. If any of the aspects stipulated in these Terms and Conditions do not comply with the applicable law, this does not affect the validity of the remaining provisions of these Terms and Conditions, which shall remain valid.

14.2. These Terms and Conditions represent an agreement between the Users / Buyers and the Company / Seller regarding the use of the Website.

14.3. The law applicable to these Terms and Conditions is the Romanian law.