Pen Case/Magnetic Money Clip/Wide Keychain Set

Pen Case/Magnetic Money Clip/Wide Keychain Set
  • 290.00 Lei

This set contains a Pen CaseMagnetic Money Clip and a Wide Keychain.

The Pen Case is perfect for keeping your favorite pen. It is designed for a pen of 13cm - 15.5cm length with a maximum diameter of 1.5cm.

The Magnetic Money Clip - simple but sophisticated at the same time. Small but very useful. Designed for those who do not like large wallets. The clip allows the storage of 12-15 bills and, due to the strong magnet closure, there is no risk of bills slipping out of clip.

The Wide Keychain - classic, simple and elegant, it can be an inspired and practical gift you can offer to family members, friends or colleagues.

This set can be personalized with max. 3 letters.

Available Options

Capacity Magnetic Money Clip - 12-15 bills
Size Pen Case - 5 x 16 cm Magnetic Money Clip - 4 x 6.5 cm Wide Keychain - 11 x 3.5 cm
Color Black / Brown / Green / Bordeaux
Material vegetable tanned leather in Tuscany, Italy
Production Time 2-5 Days

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