About Us

About ZIG Leather

ZIG Leather products are designed and handcrafted by Ionut and Georgiana in their studio in Bucharest, Romania. Founded in 2016, ZIG Leather has created a range of combined minimalist with contemporary style, based on the knowledge and experience gained during the time spent in the workshop. Each ZIG Leather design is made with passion, from raw materials of the highest quality.

ZIG Leather products are unique and made to last.

Our work

Each product is designed to meet everyday practical functions and resist in the years to come, and it’s created using a unique combination of modern technology and traditional handicraft techniques.

The design is created manually on paper and designed in the studio. The models are then cut and hand-finished. Leather pieces are sewn and polished with beeswax coming from natural sources. Auxiliary materials are made of brass and nickel, and customization and details are handmade.

The combination of pieces of leather, strong stitching and solid brass fittings ensure a long life for the products.

About leather

The leather we use in making our products is bovine leather, vegetable tanned, produced by a family business of over 70 years old from Tuscany, Italy. This type of leather is natural, so each piece is unique. We use only the highest quality leather (full grain), its name comes from the fact that the leather retains its entire texture (top layer). It is the most resistant part of cowhide and has a natural look, texture and durability. The leather we use is not treated with any chemicals, so its unique character and natural signs are not hidden (e.g. small scars, wrinkles and color variations).

Vegetable tanning is an old traditional method, which was perfected by the Italians, Spanish and French during the Renaissance. Only 10% of the leather is done using this natural process as it takes up to 40 days and relies on experienced craftsmen.